Our Supertee team is here to help every step of the way.

Getting Started

How do I start fundraising?

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It is SUPER easy to register to fundraise and join our Superhero Community. Click on the "Get Involved" button, answer a few simple questions to register.

If you have any questions at all during this process please contact the Supertee team at fundraise@supertee.org.au and we can help.

How will my fundraising help?

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Thanks to the generosity of every day Australians, community groups, corporate partners along with Trusts and Foundations, our award-winning product is distributed to children's hospitals, respite centres and paediatric wards nationwide free of charge. 

We simply couldn't do this without support from fundraisers like yourself. 

What do I need to do?

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All you need is a super fundraising idea, register online and then simply start sharing your fundraising for support from friends, family, your school group or your work colleagues.

Our team will be in touch within 2 business days to issue a Letter of Authority and to offer support in your fundraising opportunity! We are super excited to hear your plans!

What happens when I register?

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When you complete your online registration you will create your online online fundraising page that you can customise. Our team will be in touch within 2 business days to confirm details and provide any support with your fundraising idea!

You will also recieve a Letter of Authority to fundraise on behalf of Supertee as you may be asked to share with donors, sponsors. Your Supertee team member will be there to support you along the way. 


How can Supertee support my fundraiser?

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Our team members are available to support throughout your fundraiser. Please email fundraise@supertee.org.au if you have any questions before you get started. 

Can I use the Supertee logo for promotional purposes?

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Once you have registered, our Supertee team will get in touch to see how we can support you. We have a Proudly Supporting logo that you can use on promotional materials and can be supplied on request. Please email fundraise@supertee.org.au  

Can I request a Supertee to help with my fundraising?

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When you register and recieve your Letter of Approval to fundraise, the Supertee team will be able to let you know the support we offer for your event. This could include a loan of one Supertee or a Supertee supporter shirt for your activity.

Can a Supertee representative attend my event?

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We do our best to accommodate requests however please understand that we are unable to fulfil all requests as much as we would love to. Chat to your Supertee team member or email fundraise@supertee.org.au to see how we can help.

Can I receive details of the kids who receive the Supertee's I fundraised for?

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For privacy reasons, we are unable to disclose details of any Supertee recipients. Supertee care packs are gifted to children facing serious or long-term illness in a children's hospital, respite centre or paedatric ward nationwide. 

You can see the great community of hospitals that are supporting us and distributing Supertees at no cost to families on our hospitals page here.

How do I bank my fundraising?

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Encourage people to make their donation online via your fundraising page. It's quick, easy and we'll email a receipt to your donor straight away. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Alternatively, if you are wishing to bank cash at the bank please speak with your Supertee team member who will be able to provide details to you so we can ensure to correctly identify these and issue a receipt. 

Can you supply Public Liability Insurance for my event?

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Supertee cannot provide public liability insurance for fundraising events organised by you. We recommend that you obtain appropriate insurance to cover your fundraising initative. Please email fundraise@supertee.org.au with the details of your event to obtain a Letter of Authority to fundraise.

Please check our Fundraising Guidelines for more information.

What is a Tax-deductible v Non-tax-deductible receipt?

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Supertee has Deductible Gift Recipient(DGR) status. This means that all donations over $2 are elegible for a tax-deductible receipt. 

Tax-deductible receipts are not issued when a payment results in the receipt of a good or service or the donation is not deemed to be unconditional such as receiving recognition or benefits of sponsorship, purchasing raffle tickets, entry fees or auction items.

For more information on tax-deductible receipts please visit the ATO website. 

The Supertee

How much does each Supertee cost?

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$50 will help gift a Supertee care package to a kid in hospital.

Where are Supertee's made?

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We use a range of suppliers for the different components of the Supertee care package, some here in Australia and others located overseas. We source the best possible price to enable us to help more children through the funds that are raised.

What are the features of the Supertee?

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The Supertee is a medical garment cleverly disguised as a superhero costume given to children facing life-threatening conditions.   

This patented product offers the following features- 

  • Cotton fabric 
  • Non-toxic Print 
  • Exposed underarms for regular thermometer checks 
  • Small press studs on both sides for organising and bypassing IV Drips, Central Lines, Monitor cables. 
  • Easier access to upper body areas for examination 
  • Shoulder studs to by-pass breathing masks, feeding tubes or change without removing any tubes/lines 
  • Contemporary hero designs with potential to adopt new themes 
  • Packaged in fun gift pack with accompanying activities 
  • MRI & PET Scan friendly 

What are the Supertee designs?

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Currently, in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company as a Design Partner we are delivering the Supertee: Marvel Edition. This was created to empower sick kids in hospital and inspire strength through imagination with two designs based on Marvel characters, Captain America and Captain Marvel.

These designs will allow sick children to connect with the characters superpowers to channel their own strength and courage during their toughest battle. 

In 2024, we released our own design, the Supertee Space Commander.

The Supertee Space Commander is a gateway to imagination while encouraging STEM learning and serving as a functional and practical medical garment for kids.

By allowing sick children the opportunity to imagine themselves as astronauts and transforming their hospital beds into a Rocketship, Supertee provides a welcome distraction from medical procedures.

We look forward to releasing new designs to enable children to tap into their imagination. 

How can I get a Supertee for my child/nephew/grandson/friend going through hospital care?

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If your loved one is being treated at one of the hospitals we already supply, a Supertee can be requested from the Nurse Unit Manager.

Alternatively, if the parent or carer joins our Facebook family group, they can make a special request for a Supertee.  The Facebook group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/hospitalfamilies.

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