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A corporate funded packing event can be a great way to involve your staff, promote team building, and, most importantly, create a positive impact for our sickest kids.


Help bring strength through imagination to sick kids in hospital.

A Supertee packing event is a great way to identify core values and build long-lasting friendships encouraging staff back to the office. When people come together away from their desks, they have a chance to collaborate and form partnerships. 

Helping others is the best foundation of all, with this powerful experience helping fresh ideas to grow and flourish. At Supertee, we use the power of team building to inspire the success of your organisation. Regardless of your size or sector, these activities can be hugely beneficial. New experiences are the foundation of learning, and Supertee helps you to create unforgettable memories to help improve employee satisfaction.

At Supertee, we organise team building experiences. When new friendships are developed across your company, you can inspire growth from the inside out. We help to inspire individuals and build team chemistry while meeting CSR requirements. We give you an opportunity to give back, help improve employee workplace satisfaction and make your vision come to life.

Participation at a Supertee packing event can help to improve your operational efficiency and maximise your return on investment. More than that, however, it presents you with a valuable opportunity to help children in need.


HOW OUR EVENTS are conducted 

We provide a structured process to achieve an important end goal - helping children in hospital to fight the toughest battles of their young lives. All packing events include the following elements:

  • Strict hygiene protocol will be followed on the day, as these are medical garments being delivered to very sick children.
  • Guidance and explanations will be given from the start.
  • A presentation will be delivered about the positive impact of these imaginative hospital garments.
  • Fun is compulsory and sharing is important for every ‘Corporate Funded Team Packing Event’. Please share this great activity, both internally and through social media. Use this event to share your culture with customers and peers through channels and hashtags.



Team building drives togetherness to inspire growth. It’s about understanding, appreciating, and developing the people in your proximity. When people are recognised and motivated, individuals are maximised and transformed into a single unified group. When this happens, you have a productive, motivated, and happy team.

However, we don't expect you to just take our word for it. We encourage you to watch Paul from AMP as he discusses the advantages experienced by his team.



Supertee’s team building experiences are typically reserved for our valued partners, clubs, and  community groups throughout the year. However, we have a limited number of opportunities available for organisations seeking meaningful ways to give back to their community during staff development days or at conferences. For large groups, bespoke events can be arranged to suit your specific needs – simply reach out to our team to discuss your vision. In committing to this impactful experience, we kindly request that you cover the costs associated with supplying the Supertee cartons so we can give the gift of strength through imagination together.

To ensure that your team gains the maximum benefit from the packing event, we recommend a half-day booking and confirmation of suggested minimum number of Supertee cartons based on your team size. Please speak with the Supertee team to explore various options available for your budget and tailor the experience to meet your specific objectives.


Your donation to conduct a team building packing event will help us offer a Supertee medical garment to Australia’s sickest and bravest kids as they embark on the toughest fight of their life 


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Corporate Partners

We take the time to understand your business needs and values to create a bespoke partnership with mutual benefit to help shape the experience of the sickest kids in hospitals and respite centres nationwide. 

Ways to help

There are many ways you can get involved with Supertee. Engage your staff or customers and participate in a Fundraising event, sign up to Workplace Giving, Sponsor a campaign or support through Cause-Related Marketing.