Tips and Ideas

We are here to help you brew success in every cup with some migh-tea and super-tea ideas!

Step One

Start Planning

After registering your Tea4Tees and setting a date, its time to have fun with your planning.We've got your back with resources filled with delightful ideas, posters, games, decorationsa and more to ensure that your event is a SUPER success!

Step Two

Invite your migh-tea guests

Invite your colleagues, clients, friends and family to join the migh-tea fun! Discover invites, social media images or newsletter tiles in our resources, be sure when you spread the word to share your online fundraising page link to secure donations.

Step Three

Host your Tea4Tees

Get ready to have a migh-tea fun time by hosting an event that is as entertaining as it is impactful!  Arrange games, raffles and exciting auctions to add a dash of fun whilst raising funds to help bring strength through imagination for kids in hospitals and respite centres. As you sip and savour use our speech notes, videos and posters to encourage everyone to help make an impact with donations. Make your event an unforgettable blend of joy and generosity.

Step Four

Help Bring STrength through imagination

Thank all of your guests for their donations and for attending. Donate your funds raised by mid-May through your online fundraising page. You are helping to give the gift of play and imagination to Australia's sickest and bravest kids as they embark on the toughtest fight of their life! Psst. don't forget to save the date to host again next year!


Check out our handy resources to help you decorate, share and host your Tea4Tees event!